1. Why should I use your card rather than any other?
You'll save more money using our card. We'll also respect your privacy by not passing on any information about you to other companies, retailers etc.
2. But I already have insurance so is there any point using your card?
Absolutely. While the card cannot be used in conjunction with insurance there are many generic drugs where our price may be less than your insurance's co-pay. In addition If you want to save money on thousands of drugs not covered by insurance such as cosmetics and nutritional supplements then yes, it's a good idea to use the AffordRx card. Plus, if you have a high deductible insurance plan you can use our card and apply the price paid to your deductible.
3. Will I get money off prescriptions from my doctor AND over-the-counter drugs?
The card is only good for prescription medication.
4. How much do I have to pay for the card?
The card is 100% Free.
5. Just how much can I expect to save using xxxxxxxx?
On generic drugs you're looking at a savings of up to 75%. With brand name drugs it won't be as high but you can still expect to receive a 10% to 20% discount.
6. How do I know if I qualify for a card?
Everyone qualifies!
7. Can my entire family benefit from this offer?
Yes, simply print another card out for each member of your family.
8. I'm moving and wondering if the card will still work with another pharmacy?
Yes, although the new pharmacist will need to insert your card information into their system. If you lose your card simply print out a new one at any time.
9. How do I know my pharmacy will accept the xxxxxxxxxx card?
The card works at all pharmacy chains in the United States including Walmart, Albertsons, CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens and Publix accept the card. In addition we are accepted at most independent pharmacies as well, about 60,000 total across the US, Puerto Rico and Guam.
10. I've just checked your list and my pharmacist isn't there. What next?
They may still accept the card and just haven't registered with us yet. Please let us know and we'll contact them.
11. Do you respect my privacy?
We promise we will never pass on your details to anyone at any time.
12. How do I get the discount?
Simply print off the card at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and hand it over to your pharmacist when ordering or collecting drugs. The reduction will be instant.
13. I can't find my card. What now?
Go to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx again and print out another one. The pharmacist will have to add the new information to his system but this will just take a few minutes.
14. Just how much will I save using this card?
Between 10 and 75 per cent on the retail cost depending on whether the drug is a generic or named brand.
15. How do I know if I get a rebate?
Rebates are given once the drugs have been purchased. We'll send you an email letting you know you've received one. You'll then get a debit card with the rebate on it. Any future rebates will also go onto this card.
16. Does the discount apply to all drugs?
Only prescriptions which have been signed by a doctor or consultant.
17. Why is this better than medical insurance on occasion?
Often medical insurance doesn't cover drugs for cosmetics, weight-loss or anti-smoking etc. You can save more with our card and thirdly, you won't have to pay a deductable on the card - unlike some insurance policies.
18. I'd like to speak with someone personally.
Sure. Just give us a call right here